Learn more about the Sister Cities International – Northern California Chapter

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sister Cities International Northern California Chapter (NORCAL) is to assist Sister Cities International members by promoting and developing sister city activities in Northern California.

NORCAL provides a forum for communication, and interaction among Sister Cities in Northern California, however, members must be a SCI dues paying member of Sister Cities International .

Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International Northern California Chapter assists in communicating SCI policies and programs to local sister city groups by identifying organizations and resources which can be of value to its chapters, and to help facilitate the process of communication and information. Together, SCI and NORCAL lead the movement for local community development, and volunteer action by motivating and empowering private citizens, municipal officials, and business leaders to conduct long-term exchange programs of mutual benefit. SCI , headquarters of the U.S. Sister Cities Program, recognizes, register and coordinates sister city partnerships. SCI also serves as a clearinghouse of information for local sister city organizations.

NORCAL Membership

NORCAL membership provides members the opportunity to obtain up-to-date SCI policy, program, and grant information, and an opportunity to network with other Northern California sister city programs. The NORCAL Board of Directors meet four times a year, to include an annual conference. The meetings are held in selected cities throughout Northern California. Any sister city organization in Northern California is automatically a NORCAL member if it is a SCI dues-paying member.

Board of Directors

The NORCAL Chaper of SCI must have a minimum of nine (9) members. Currently, the Board has twenty-nine (29) members serving from fifteen (15) member sister city associations. In 2017, NORCAL SCI chapter had forty-three (43) member cities representing one of the largest SCI chapters.